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AutoCAD LT 最短講座10ステップ①設定

はじめてAutoCAD LT を使われる初心者向けの講座です。WEBセミナー形式で、10個の動画を見ると、なんとか作図ができるようになることを目指してます。


STEP1  「メンバーになる」をクリック
STEP2  ログインしてない場合は、ログインする
STEP3 カード番号等のお支払い情報を入力
STEP4 購入をクリック

Types Yam : 大変わかりやすいです。

Introducing AutoCAD LT 2019

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Pierre de Lescazes : hi for unknown reason we cannot bring the drawing toolbar to the top of screen which limits my working screen. any suggestions?
SergeyZZZ1977 : This is malware. It's rubbish. There are many problems. Avoid this program! At me now at work it is established. Impossible to work!
Bob Stout : Love AutoCad more and more every day
Builders Plus Custom Homes and Remodels : 2018 and they are still using wired mouses?
Minerva Fortis : After using 2010 for 8 years, why AutoCAD 2019 has become jerky and slow? Why every object hovered over by the cursor glows? Why can't I stretch hatch anymore like in 2010? Why does AutoCAD sucks more everytime they release new versions?
RTS : Hi can someone please tell me how to draw a multi line in AutoCAD 2019 LT? It's not ML anymore!
RGMPhotos : They failed to mentioned that the AutoCAD Web App only runs on Google Chrome.
Saurabh Ambatkar : Is it available in india ?
ahmed nessim : would you please clarify the difference among each program has AutoCAD name for examle " AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD architecture etc

AutoCAD LT 2020 UI Tour Demo Video

Blake Tabian : thanks for the vid!

If I have files created using autocad 2019 will these file settings be transferred directly to this LT software? mainly my page layouts etc.

thanks in advance!


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