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HEATHER || COMPLETE 72hr Sunstar & Moonflower MAP

After 2 weeks of nonstop hard work, Heather is finally here.

If you dont know my very first completed map was "all is well", a sunstar 72hr map. I love sunstar. he is my most favorite character. He was a great father figure to bluestar and I feel like he's probably one of the most underrated characters ive seen. I have many reasons why but thats something for another video. I also wanted this map to also be a 72 hour map kinda as a "tradition" since my first sunstar map was a 72 hr map!

This map basically follows sunstar's love for moonflower. It was confirmed by one of the erins that sunstar indeed did have a crush on moonflower and i believe was hinted in bluestar's prophecy. But of course, moonflower never noticed that he liked her, and was mates and had kits with stormtail.

This map has quite a few representational bits to it. Some are easy to find, some are subtle and take a bit of investigating to figure out, so please, feel free to comment your theories of what the representational bits are!

Everyone did a PHENOMENAL job, words cannot describe how BEAUTIFUL everyones work was and my gosh, i couldnt have asked for a better team to help put this whole thing together. Please make sure you check out all the participants below and give them a ton of love and support.
This map's thumbnail contest was honestly one of the most challenging to deal with. simply because of the entries, they were all SO beautiful, it was so hard to pick just one. Eventually i did, but i did add some of my favorites in an honorable mentions section at the end, which were some of the ones i seriously couldnt decide from. Everyone did so well and although picking a winner was challenging, every single entry was stunning :)

Here is the original map call with the script, designs, and everything else if youd like to see that or get a gist of whats going on in detail -

intro A - Altaricos -
intro B - cattyrunes -
1- JellyfishKisses -
2- darkpurplx -
3- MidnightThunder -
4- Tammy Cherry -
5- DirtyNoodles -
6- Martletwing -
7- Blukio -
8- im milknahap -
9- Phantomsylveon -
10- Jasper Gleam, ElijahZAwesome, \u0026 Ottery - // //
11- crispyyflake -
12- DoodlebugDoge -
13- lakefrost -
14- maxvellsss -
15- LuvHaebom -
16- CTAKAN -
17- Crowned Footie -

And of course, the thumbnail contest winner, Rivstars!:

And last but not least, thank you guys so much for watching. without all of your support, the backups helping out, without everyone this project wouldnt have been made possible. so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. until next time :)

Song: Heather by conan gray
credits song:


All Is Well // COMPLETE 72 Hour SUNSTAR // Warrior Cats MAP

After over a month of being in the works. My Very First MAP is Complete.

First off, i can't thank you all enough for making this whole MAP possible. Sunstar was such an underrated boi and deserved his own MAP. Because of this being my very first MAP getting finished, i added an extra intro with extra end credits. I hope you all enjoy and watch till the end. this MAP took a lot of hard and extra work and i hope you all love it as much as i do!

Here is the Original MAP call:\u0026t=9s
Here is the Original Script if anyone is interested:

Intro- Me
1- Mortu Mania
2- Marley MothBard
3- Spooky Paws
4- Space Wolf123
5- Jaybae Warriors
6- KRBird
7- Jáy
8- HunterAnimations owo
9- MidnightThunder
10- Loopycat
11- sad machine
12- LemonswithLife
13- sad machine
14- Shadow Frecklepaw
15- Dooodles
Outro- Me

And a Huge thank you to all the backups and everyone who was willing to help!
We couldnt have done it without you!

Thumbnail Is By Fudgimew! Go Check Her Out!:

Shattered○A Completed Bluefur and Sunstar PMV MAP○

Shattered is focused around Sunstar's and Bluefur's relationship. However, it is a small au where their bond is even stronger to the point where Bluefur even tells Sunstar about what really happened to her kits and the romance with Oakheart. Sunstar really deserves more love and more development.
It's finally here guys! After six long months, IT'S HERE-
For a second I was afraid the map will never be completed due to the fact that people started dropping BUT the amazing backups came and saved the day!
But don't forget about all these incredibly talented artists that made the map come to life!
Intro - Lavender Kitten -
Part 1 - DoveDoodles -
Part 2 - Kaiira -
Part 3 - Drink Bleach -
Part 4 - Clovereyes -
Part 5 - Cookie Lord -
Part 6 - Needlemoon -
Part 7 - maagiline banaan -
Part 8 - Random Animations -
Part 9 - Flare Strikes31 -
Part 10 - Pøppynight Draws and SUNRISE STUDIOS -
Part 11 - DaMoomin - You're here :3
Part 12 - PandorasBlox -
Part 13 - Maple heart -
Part 14 - Tyger draws -
Part 15 - Fish Berry -
Part 16 - FallingoverRain -
Part 17 - Zenginista -
Part 18 - WillowHeart Warriors -
Part 19 - 13Blackcats -
Part 20 - Mewdooles -
Part 21 - Tokahru -
Part 22 - Snaketail OwO -
Part 23 - Needlemoon -
Thumbnail contest participants:
Winner: Aspen -
Crazy Pony Lover -
Aqua Draw -
Sirpale_xX -
Chloe Hatler -
IvyFrost OwO -
Zappernations -
Pineapplix -
Gabbie 19 -
Mags M Arts -
Glenn Lum -
Pawiizz -
Sprxng -
Needlemoon -
Music - Shattered by Trading Yesterday
Credit Music - In Love With A Liar by Green Or Blue




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